Desktop Repainter

World domination.
One desktop at a time.

Kill desktop bordom today!

Add a little color to your life with Desktop Repainter

Available on the Mac App Store for 99 cents!

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Select Your Colors – You can select as many colors as you want. Create and use your own color sets, and even import, export and share color sets with your friends.

Settings Galore – There are tons of options to play with to get the custom desktop experience you want. You can transition colors quickly or slowly, and even set your preferred level of opacity. Your background images shine through the colors on your desktop!

Socal Networking – You can connect with your Twitter account and tweet your favorite colors as they come up. Let the world domination begin! Download Desktop Repainter today!

Our Story

1993 – The inauspicious beginning of Desktop Repainter as a control panel for Mac OS7. Mead and Messias meticulously designed this tool with networking and world domination in mind, right from the beginning. Read more...

2003 – At the ten year anniversary, Desktop Repainter had matured considerably, but it still wasn’t ready for prime time. Read more...

2013 – Finally, after twenty years of back breaking development and thorough testing, Desktopment, Desktop Repainter has been unleashed upon the world. Read more...

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