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September 25th, 2017

This is another great example from one of my Intermediate Web Design sections by Juan Sarmiento. I have been teaching this course for a long time and it has evolved a lot over the years. In the early years, I remember having to teach students about how to deal with Internet Explorer 6 bugs, and then later how to use the HTML5 shiv. Neither of these techniques, or a long list of other ones need to be in this course anymore. However new techniques emerge to take their places, and that remains one of my favorite things about teaching this course.

Also during my time teaching this course, the web has grown up. Screens got big and screens got small. Now screens are every size imaginable and in some ways, the web is pushing beyond the screen altogether. Interfaces and artificial intelligence are all around us now, but learning how to design for the web and for people who are using screens, remains a challenging and exciting. I love it when students do interesting and unique things in this environment.

Juan’s project is a good example of that. He was always thinking outside the box (even though there are a lot of boxes!). I really enjoyed having Juan in class and I am very please that my introduction of him to the awesome people over at Joint Medias has turned into a long term gig for him. I am sure we will be seeing great work from Juan for a long time to come.

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